Gourmet holidays in Collepietra in the heart of the Dolomites

Enjoy this short glimpse into the life story of Chef Cook Gregor - Warm and friendly atmosphere at the Gourmet Restaurant Astra

Melanie completed her traineeship at the Parkhotel Luna in Bolzano. Afterwards she went to Munich to work as a bartender and attended a language school in France. In 2006 she returned to South Tyrol and made a new experience in Val Passiria, where she met Gregor Eschgfäller. Gregor, the third child of Karl and Ida Eschgfäller, was born in 1989 in Merano and had a lovely childhood in San Leonardo in Passiria. Melanie and Gregor became an ambitious couple, who was determined to work together in order to conquer the world. The couple spent two seasons in Val Gardena, where Melanie found a job as a hotel manager at Hotel Gardena and Gregor worked at Hotel Genziana. Both discovered at the same time their passion for wine and began the training to become a sommelier. They passed the exam successfully in the year 2010. The couple explored Australia for nine months. There they learned the English language, worked in the vineyards and collected their first experience in international gastronomy. Back in Italy, they moved to the Lake Garda for the summer season. They worked at the Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli, one of the finest hotels in the world, which was awarded with a Michelin star. The young couple spent the winter season in Langho / England, at the Hotel Northcote, which was also awarded with a Michelin star and afterwards they retuned to Lake Garda for the summer season. The couple then took the opportunity to work in Salzburg at Hangar 7 for 14 months, where they met many international Chef Cook and collected some of their most important experiences. In 2013 they were seduced by the charm of Tuscany and spent the summer season at the Hotel Il Pellicano, which was awarded with 2 Michelin stars. After many years of experience in the international gastronomy they decided to help Adelinde, Melanie's mother. Melanie and Gregor got married after a successful summer season at the family run hotel. Their daughter Emily was born in June 2015. Melanie and Gregor shared the big dream of opening a small restaurant. The whole family supported the project and helped to implement it. With the opening of the gourmet restaurant "Astra" in April 2015, the couple could finally put into practice all the new skills they have learned.

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