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Philosophy of the Astra

An astra-nomical experience

Unique interior, leather-covered chairs, handmade ceramic crockery and sober table decorations. In the Astra, every detail is enriched by a personal touch. But once the food is served, everything else fades into the background. Here the main focus is on the kitchen – and deservedly. In an exclusive setting, exquisite ingredients are turned into outstanding dishes, masterfully combined and accompanied by selected beverages. Dining in the Astra means savouring culture, nature and ideas. A precious all-round experience! Which also includes a little surprise – we’ll tell you more about it on site.

The menu of the Astra Restaurant is constantly updated – you can download the current menu here:

Gregor Eschgfäller

Awarded the Michelin star 4 years in a row, 3 Gault Millau toques, a Sommelier certificate, excellent taste buds and joy of experimenting! That’s what characterizes our chef Gregor Eschgfäller – and his cuisine, of course. That‘s what he stands for and what his guests love!

De Lazzer

Sommelier. Cocktail expert. Endless source of ideas. Melanie combines the passion for her work with experiences she has collected all over the world. The result? An excellent service, tasteful details and a surprising gourmet experience.